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Hotel Villa Grazioli is located in the hunting cottage of the Grazioli Lante della Rovere Dukes next to Palazzo Grazioli, the current headquarters of the Canadian Embassy.

When the villa became the property of Grazioli family in the 19th century, the main building consisted of a typical square farmhouse, called Villa Lecci.

The renovation and expansion of the property was entrusted to Giovani Riggi who transformed the buildings into the style still present in the area, all built starting in 1887: the stables, a neo-Gothic tower and the Medieval palace with its bay window, turrets, ashlar vestments, brick cornices, balconies and loggias. The architect, inspired by the Venetian Gothic period, devised a detailed façade with double and triple-arched windows, marble coats of arms on the lunettes of the doors, pointed arches alternating with round arches and corbels.

This extraordinary example of architecture is still preserved today, although it has been surrounded by other buildings that arose during the fragmentation of the villa during several changes of ownership after the sale by the Grazioli family and the division of most of the property.

After his victory in Ethiopia in 1937, Pietro Badoglio actually received ten thousand square meters of Villa Grazioli located at the corner with Via Brussels, from Mussolini as a prize.

Following this, at street number 56, a building was constructed by the architect Clemente Busiri Vici that was simply renamed "Villa Badoglio". It was not exactly part of the villa, located in the green area that had always remained free, and remained outside of the true Grazioli property, now the headquarters of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China.

In 1949, the rear part of the villa was purchased by the City of Rome and become a public park.

The old hunting cottage has been home to Hotel Villa Grazioli since 1997, with its main entrance at Via Salaria 241; for this new purpose, it was again restored by the architect Patrizio Busiri Vici, thus continuing the ambitious business plan of the Passalacqua family in the world of Hospitality.

But the real Villa Grazioli Lante della Rovere is now identified only with the portion that remained intact facing Via Salaria, with its entrance at number 243. The villa was owned by Grazioli Lante della Rovere until 1968, before passing from owner to owner while maintaining its characteristic buildings, such as the remains of the particular entry on Via di Villa Grazioli, 4, with its two doors: one of these is open, with the inscription "Sibi et amicis"; the other side bears the word "Nocentibus", meaning that passage is allowed to the owner and his friends, but denied to those who are hostile.

Today, only a portion of the original Villa Grazioli park remains. It is situated between Via Panama and Via Salaria and is used as a public garden.

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